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Mango Lucid

Mango Lucid

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The Mango coffee table with an iron frame, two mango wood drawers, and a lucid glass top represents an interesting and practical mix of materials.

The strength of the 2 cm hollow angular metal support provides a solid and sturdy base for the table, ensuring its stability. The black iron structure brings a modern and solid look to the table.

Mango wood drawers provide both practical storage space and visual appeal with their natural look. Mango wood is loved for its warm tones and unique grains, bringing a touch of warmth and character to the table.

The lucid glass top adds a touch of modernity and lightness to the whole, while allowing a view of the mango wood drawers below, creating an interesting visual contrast between the materials.


- Pre-assembled
- Size: 120 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm
- Translucent glass
- Black metal table
- Resistance of the angular metal support: 2 cm (hollow)
- Robust
- Product weight 44 kg

Box: 127 cm x 67 cm x 51 cm

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