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Indoor and outdoor protective mat

Indoor and outdoor protective mat

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Protect your floors from dirt, spills and wear with the Korhani Studio Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug with Bonus Accent Rug. The large protective mat features a ribbed polypropylene surface and a PVC backing to trap dirt and moisture. The included matching decorative mat provides an extra layer of defense with its non-slip gel foam bottom. Durable and easy to clean, this indoor/outdoor floor mat set keeps high-traffic areas tidy.


- Floor protector with bonus decorative mat protecting the floor and keeping it clean
- 2-groove polypropylene protective mat, PVC back
- 2-groove needle-punched decorative mat with non-slip foam and gel backing
- Mat size: 89 x 122 cm (3 x 4 ft)
- Decorative rug size: 41 L x 76 cm W (18 x 29 in)

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