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Vileda Oskar broom with dustpan

Vileda Oskar broom with dustpan

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Here is the most popular broom in Canada, the Oskar broom with dust pan. Featuring soft, chisel-tipped bristles, the Oskar broom effectively traps dirt and dust from your home's hard floors. It is designed with angled bristles to reach the tightest spaces, and anti-shock edges to protect walls and furniture. Matching clip-on dustpan to remove all traces of dust.


- ACUTE ANGLE FIBERS: Exclusive acute angle fibers provide greater reach in the tightest spaces
- PENNANT POINTS: Traps and collects dust, dirt and hair
- CLEAN IN CORNERS: Angled bristles make it easy to sweep and collect dust in corners and under furniture
- ECOFIBERS: Ecological broom bristles made from recycled plastic
- FURNITURE PROTECTION: Integrated “bumpers” that protect walls and furniture while sweeping
- CLIP-ON DUST HOLDER: Matching clip-on dust pan with wide opening picks up dirt and hair and stores easily
- IDEAL FOR ALL HARD SURFACES: Safe on wood, vinyl, ceramic and more

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