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Baking Dish

Baking Dish

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Revolutionize your kitchen with silicone baking dishes with integrated metal structure from Starfrit! These baking dishes offer you the best of 2 worlds: the flexibility of silicone and the rigidity of the metal structure. Thanks to the silicone, nothing sticks; thus making cleaning easier. The integrated metal structure makes handling easy and safe, going from the counter directly to the oven cooking racks. The various sizes of silicone dishes also allow you to maximize space and vary the cooking time of your food. They are suitable for the conventional oven, microwave and even the air fryer! Cook grilled vegetables, chicken, fish, biscuits... without hassle thanks to Starfrit's silicone baking dishes.


Made of premium LFGB silicone (BPA free)
High temperature resistant 280°C (535°F)
Integrated metal structure
Robust, does not deform
Easy to manipulate
Non-stick, resists stains and odors
Cools quickly
Oven, microwave and air fryer safe
Dishwasher safe Size: 140 cm x 90 cm
Chrome metal legs
Height: 77 cm
Light Acacia wood
Each table has its unique wood design

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