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Toilet brush and unblocker set

Toilet brush and unblocker set

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The toilet brush and plunger combo is a practical and versatile cleaning tool, ideal for maintaining your toilet. This combination offers two essential tools in one package, helping to keep the toilet bowl clean and resolving any blockages.

The toilet brush, with robust bristles, allows effective and thorough cleaning of the bowl, removing stubborn dirt and residue for optimal hygiene. At the same time, the plunger, fitted with a flexible and waterproof head, is designed to unclog pipes in the event of obstructions, providing a practical solution for solving minor plumbing problems.

Together, these two tools guarantee complete toilet maintenance, combining cleanliness and functionality for a sanitary and hygienic environment. Compact and easy to store, the toilet brush and plunger combo is an essential for any bathroom or sanitary area.


- Materials: Stainless, metal and plastic
- Brush and piston holder, a piston and a toilet brush

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