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Our silicone window squeegees are the ideal tool for efficient, streak-free cleaning. Designed to meet your automotive and household cleaning needs, these versatile squeegees deliver superior performance. Featuring a cleaning sponge to remove stubborn dirt and a rubber wiper for a spotless finish, they are perfect for car windows and windscreens.

Their ergonomic design guarantees easy and comfortable handling, while their durable silicone material ensures durability and resistance to wear. Turn your cleaning sessions into child's play with our versatile window squeegees, for spotless surfaces every time.


- Squeegee alone: ​​0.08 Kgs and a size of 22 cm x 21 cm
- Silicone squeegee holder: 0.04 kg and a size of 9.5 cm x 5 cm
- Materials: Plastic, TPE

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