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Mixing dish and measuring cup

Mixing dish and measuring cup

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Revolutionize your culinary routine with our versatile 8-piece set, bringing together a range of essential tools to simplify your kitchen preparations. These mixing bowls offer a variety of sizes, perfect for mixing, beating and preparing a multitude of ingredients. The included sieves and strainers ensure precise filtering, ideal for separating and preparing ingredients such as flour, sugar and others.

Measuring cups are a valuable asset for precise portions, making it easier to make precise recipes. Each piece in this set is designed to provide optimal durability, practicality and ease of use, while being easy to clean.

Whether you are a passionate amateur or an experienced chef, this complete set of mixing bowls, sieves, strainers and measuring cups is an ideal companion to make your culinary preparations more efficient and precise, transforming your kitchen experience.


- 60 ml measuring cup (124 x 35 mm)
- 85 ml measuring cup (141 x 40 mm)
- Measuring cup 125 ml (158 x 43 mm)
- Measuring cup 250 ml (176 x 57 mm)
- Small bowl (212 x 78 mm)
- Sieve (248 x 82 mm)
- Strainer (283 x 124 mm)
- Large bowl (318 x 133 mm)

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